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SUSTAINABLE Project kick-off meeting / Team building away-day alternatives

As project managers, we often overlook the environmental impact of our kick-off meetings and team-building events. Yet, these gatherings present a unique opportunity to set a sustainable tone for the entire project and demonstrate our commitment to eco-friendly practices. Opting for sustainable alternatives can reduce our carbon footprint and inspire creative environmental stewardship throughout the project.

Hikes, walks, rambles: Organise a team-building hike or nature walk in a local park or nature reserve.

Volunteer Together at a Community Clean-up: Plan a team outing to clean up a local beach, park, or neighbourhood.

Allotment project: Participate in a local allotment or start a community garden.

Upcycling workshops: Host a session where team members bring old items to repurpose and create something new.

Crafting workshops: Similarly, use recycled materials for a creative crafting session, such as making decorations (team emblems, team board, designated team area) or other useful items.

Take a sustainable cooking class together: Learn to cook a meal using locally-sourced, organic ingredients.

Cycle together: Plan a group cycling outing to explore local trails or routes.

Watch an environmental documentary film together: Watch and discuss an environmental documentary together.

Conduct low-to-no energy team building activities: Plan activities that don’t require electricity, such as board games, storytelling, or outdoor sports.

Create a "Green Champion" role: This could be a rolling role where everyone gets a chance from within your team to spearhead sustainability initiatives and motivate others.


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