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London, UK

Susan Tuttle, CEO

Susan Tuttle has over 25 years’ experience in project management. She began her career with a role in the financial industry in the US.

Early in her career she was asked to ‘manage a project’. She was not asked because she was already a Project Manager, nor because she even knew what a project was, but because there was a desperate need for resources and they were literally asking anyone and everyone! She learned on the job, as she went along. It turns out she was pretty good at it, but her early project history was pretty hit and miss. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not so much. After a few years, she finally got some official project management training. It helped give her credibility as she put some method behind her madness and her results improved. If only she had had someone to tell her all of this from the beginning, she could have saved herself so much frustration and fewer burnt bridges!

When she moved to the UK in 2004, Susan was introduced to PRINCE2® – a complete game changer. Though she had acquired several tips and tricks through training and experience, it wasn’t until she discovered PRINCE2® that she was finally able to pull it all together with a logical, best-practise, process-based approach to projects. She loved it so much she now offers training courses helping others discover the wonders of PRINCE2® to improve their project management skills and experiences.

“I wrote PRINCE2 in Action: Project management in real terms to share my love of PRINCE2® with even more project managers. I wanted to show that some of the more complex concepts can be readily understood by breaking them down and presenting them in stories that are relatable to everyone. The book uses real-world scenarios from personal projects like a wedding to more work-related projects such as IT and websites.”

What’s next?

“When Covid-19 hit, I took the opportunity to gain a few more qualifications focusing on my Agile experiences. I am now a Scrum Master and an accredited trainer in PRINCE Agile®. I just created my third Udemy course (AMAZING Agile Requirements Gathering). My next adventure will be to work on a book of stories explaining the use of Agile practises on projects in real terms.”


  • BSc in Economics from Arizona State University.

  • MSc in Training and Development from Portland State University.

  • Accredited Trainer in MSP®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, APMG Change Management, APMG Agile Project Management (AgilePM®), and APM (AFQ and APQ).

  • Certified Practitioner in NLP and Life Coaching.

  • Accredited in ITIL Foundation and Management of Portfolios (MoP®).

  • Scrum Master.

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