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PRINCE2 in Action
Project Management in real terms

PRINCE2® 2017 is a widely used project management method that can be tailored to any project, of any size, in any environment, by any company. If you want the best results from all your projects, PRINCE2® is the approach for you!

PRINCE2® in Action is written by an experienced practitioner and trainer. It is a step-by-step guide that breaks down the PRINCE2® methodology into bite-size chunks, giving clear explanations and practical case studies in each section. It shows you how to effectively apply the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2® to your projects. The tips and tricks laid out in this book will help you adapt PRINCE2® to your projects, your environment and your specific circumstances.

You will gain insights and working strategies to better manage your projects by following the tried and tested practices explained here. You will also learn from some common and not so common mistakes of well-intentioned project managers before you, as well as be inspired by real examples of good working practices and ways of approaching projects.


Project and programme management soft skills series (co-authored with M. Franklin)

Communication skills for project and programme managers

Leadership  skills for project and programme managers

Team Management for project and programme managers

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